Big Font App Highlights the Versatility of Android.

Despite Android Nougat’s new display feature that allows users to increase display size, so that everything appears larger, in my experience, its five screen resolution levels aren’t quite enough.  Of course, there is Android’s magnifier feature, which allows users to magnify the screen so much that they only see part of the screen at a time but the challenge is – you only see part of the screen at a time!
But have no fear!  Android’s versatility shines through yet again with the Big Font app, which rather than magnifying the entire screen only magnifies the font.  While Android has four font sizes to choose from (seven if you’re on a Samsung), Big Font takes it a step further, allowing users to increase (or even decrease) font sizes up to 1000% of the original size!  Not only that, but users can even store preferred font sizes for easy switching in the event that their preferred font isn’t practical in certain apps.
One challenge with Android’s built in font size options is not all apps support the larger fonts.  However, with Big Font, the font size is overridden while Big Font is running, so even apps such as Facebook & Twitter have increased font size.  Since posting my original video review of the app, improvements have been made so that users are no longer required to re-start their device in order to switch font sizes, so if the larger font causes overlapping text in the occasional app or causes text to run off screen in another app, no problem!  Simply tap on the Big Font panel in Android’s notification settings to adjust the font size & you’re all set!  Personally, I have two or three font sizes I switch between depending on what app I’m using but only have to occasionally switch my preferred font size.
What’s so great about this app is it comes with both a free version & a more feature-filled paid version, but the free version should be more than sufficient for many users.  There does come a point where the larger font sizes are just too big for even the largest screen phablets out there, even for legally blind users, so I recommend trying out the free version first to see if its largest font size (250%) or smaller is sufficient.  Personally, I have two or three font sizes I switch between while using Big Font but usually stick with 142%.  Although it’s not quite as large as I’d like, I find it results in less overlapping text while still being big enough to increase ease of use for text-heavy apps such as Facebook & Twitter.  One downside to the free version is the adds, which now pop-up on the entire screen, whereas in earlier versions of the app, they were much less intrusive, but you can easily close the ads by tapping the “X” on the upper right hand corner of your screen, and so far, I’ve noticed they only tend to come up when you’re directly in the app to change the font.  What’s your preferred font size in Big Font, and for those who did decide to upgrade to the paid version, was it worth the upgrade?
Big Font can be downloaded for free using the Google Play Store app, or you can click here to sign into Google Play on your browser to initiate the download, which will then automatically send the app to all your Android devices.


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