Circle of the Blind Mice

Low on Vision, High on Tech!

Welcome to Circle of the Blind Mice, a blog & YouTube Channel dedicated to talking tech, life & occasionally other products from a visually impaired perspective.  I believe technology enriches the lives of those of us with visual impairments.  From high tech to low tech, low vision assistive tech  to everyday tech & simple tech tips, my mission is to help you learn, use & embrace technology, and for us all to learn from each other!  New videos uploaded every other Saturday.   To be the first to be notified when new videos & blog entries are posted, be sure to subscribe for instant updates via email, WordPress, Facebook or Twitter!

In an effort to keep the site as accessible as possible with screen readers, I have stuck with a traditional & simple blog layout for the site, where all the main links can be found on the left, where you’ll find various sections, such as recent posts & comments, archives, social media feed links, subscription links, etc.  If something does not work with your screen reader, please let me know via the contact page, which you can also find on the left.



  • As of July, 2016, I now upload videos to my YouTube channel every other Saturday instead of every Saturday.  This is just so I can balance things out a bit & not be constantly on the computer!  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be playing a bit of “catch up” with my blog, as I add articles coinciding with the videos I’ve posted over the summer. [Updated: 09/10/16]

  • Just added – You can now check this section for any important updates & changes re: this site & my YouTube channel.

  • In addition to the monthly archives drop down menu on the full version of this site, I’ve now added an Archives Page, where you can find a complete list of all my previous posts.

  • Please note, I now post my videos on Saturdays (previously Wednesdays), however, blog posts are a bit more random. 🙂