Avatar-Medium.pngCircle of the Blind Mice is a blog & YouTube channel, dedicated to talking tech & occasionally other products from a visually impaired perspective.  I believe technology enriches the lives of those of us who are visually impaired.  From high tech to low tech, everyday tech & helpful tech tips, my mission is to help you learn, use & embrace tech!

I, myself, was born blind with light perception but had surgery when I was very young & have been legally blind ever since.  I am a self-taught PC, Mac, iOS & Android user, so to say I love tech would be an understatement!  After some major life changes left me with a lot of free time on my hands, I decided to launch this blog & channel to keep me out of trouble. 😉  When I’m not playing with one tech gadget or another, I can often be found in the company of soft fluffy four-legged creatures, playing with my local blind bowling league or jetting off to see my favourite band somewhere, often crossing borders & continents!
The best places to reach me are on the Circle of the Blind Mice Twitter or Facebook pages (see the links on the left).  I also regularly check the comments to my YouTube videos and respond to comments there.  Feel free to submit any questions you have!  You could find your question featured in a future video! 🙂

As always, comments are welcome & encouraged! :)